Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Apologies

Wow, finally, a computer, INTERNET...I have seriously been going through DTs not having the internet. Not being able to follow my blogs and get good deals. You guys beware of all the new viruses there are these days. The day after my last post we were searching for movie listings for the new Avatar to take our children. Well I clicked a link and it took me to a Chinese Porn site and BAM a pop up of 12 viruses infecting your computer. So now I have my desktop in the shop getting my entire hard drive rebooted. FUN FUN Thanks to my wonderful father I have internet access through this wonderful lap top that I am so grateful for but I really miss my desktop. It's hard surfing like I would like and I can't print so I am having to save links on my email to print at a later date. Any how...glad to be back going to try and post some good deals on here a little catching up.

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