Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Apologies

Wow, finally, a computer, INTERNET...I have seriously been going through DTs not having the internet. Not being able to follow my blogs and get good deals. You guys beware of all the new viruses there are these days. The day after my last post we were searching for movie listings for the new Avatar to take our children. Well I clicked a link and it took me to a Chinese Porn site and BAM a pop up of 12 viruses infecting your computer. So now I have my desktop in the shop getting my entire hard drive rebooted. FUN FUN Thanks to my wonderful father I have internet access through this wonderful lap top that I am so grateful for but I really miss my desktop. It's hard surfing like I would like and I can't print so I am having to save links on my email to print at a later date. Any how...glad to be back going to try and post some good deals on here a little catching up.

All Laundry Detergent price match to WalMart

Good morning everybody,
I have the Big Lots add and they have All Laundry detergent..2X, 50 oz, and 3X 32 oz, on sale 2/5. Big Lots doesn't take coupons, so I took the ad to Walmart and they matched it, and then I used the coupons $3 off each bottle cost me $1.00....I have 5 more coupons $1 off 1 that I am planning to use today so I will pay $1.50 per battle. Big Lots also has the Snuggle liquid Fabric Softener 64 oz., 26 loads on sale 2/$4, but I do not have any coupons for this. This sale started yesterday Sunday 17 it ends on Saturday January 23.
Hope you guys can used this information.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Krazy Coupon Lady

Only a true couponer would understand...

From our families to yours, our sincerest best wishes for a Merry Christmas! But seriously, what are you doing on the computer? It’s Christmas Eve for Heavens sake! I think it’s time we sat down and had a talk. First, we want you to know that we love you very much & appreciate your patronage on our blog. But, we’ve been thinking a lot about this and now that you’re here– on Christmas Eve, it’s time we staged an intervention.

We’re worried you may be suffering from Coupon Addiction. Now don’t get upset, please just listen while we share some of the symptoms.

* The first time you saved over 50% on your grocery bill you felt a ‘coupon high’
* Now that you’ve been couponing for awhile, your need increases to save even more money to achieve the same effect or feeling.
* You think it’s normal to have grocery shopped at more than three stores in one day.
* You think buying 40 boxes of cereal at a time is “conservative”.
* You have tried but failed to stop couponing.
* You’ve laid awake at night planning your coupon trips and you’ve dreamed about coupons.*

You’re in Denial: You make excuses saying that you coupon for the money you save & because it’s fun.

Reality Check; you’re not just a social couponer anymore.
* You spent over an hour clipping paper this month, and haven’t made a single snowflake.

Answering yes to three or more of the above symptoms during a 12 month period may show that you have an addiction. Hey wait a minute; I think I may be addicted too. Oh no! What will I do? I don’t think I can quit! I don’t have that kind of commitment; I’d relapse for sure. And they say there is no cure for an addiction. Oh well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! See you in the shopping aisles!But seriously, snuggle up with your family these next couple days. We’ll see you soon, but get out of here til after Christmas!

Found this on

If you start something with God in mind he will finish ....

The following Coupon is available to all and if you have accepted and redeemed this coupon after reading this please please please email me and let me know...
I had no righteous to bring to God of my own, but he put a coupon out there and I didn't even have to buy a paper to get it, didn't have to cut it out, didn't even have to go to the recycle bin to pick it up. This coupon is called SALVATION and is only able to be redeemed with FAITH. FAITH is what sets you apart from the SINNER. A sinner can call on Christ, but to be a Christian you have to have FAITH and put it into action. FAITH without work is DEAD. Come HELL, highwater, pain, troubles, have to believe that you can do above, what anyone can think or ask...that is FAITH. I have said this before and will say it again. My FAITH will not do a thing for you, but your FAITH can move a MOUNTAIN!!

When God tells you to do something...DO may not even seem like it related to what you are supposed to do better do it. Faith doesn't demand DETAILS!! Don't keep discussing it with GOD when he says DO IT just DO IT.

The God we serve is not a GOD that He will lie...

If he tells you to give your coupons to the person behind you...or in front of you do it!! You have heard me tell you in the class that you don't know what they are going through on that day and maybe the $3 coupon you give them is just how much they needed for the DEBIT card to be accepted.

Your obedience to God can be as simple as sharing a coupon while at the same time sharing Christ.
Big shout out to Heather McSparran who gave away a few THERA flu coupons in Walgreen's just never know how much money the lady had or maybe she was buying THERAFLU cause she didn't have insurance to take herself or her family to the doctor and this was going to be the best she could do.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is finally here!! I hope everyone has the best holiday and don't forget what we are celebrating. For all you shoppers who waited till the last minute I feel for you. My mom says HWY 98 was bumper to bumper at 9am I could just imagine what it is now. Any way be safe and have fun!!!

List of Freebies

Free Herbal Christmas Candle

Free Memo Cube

Free Jennifer Lopez Perfume Sample

Send an email with your home address asking for a free Lip Pencil Case from Jimeale Cosmetics

Free Swiss Army Cologne Sample

Free 2010 Calendar from Oriental Trading

Free Sample of Philosophy Gingerbread Shower Gel when you become a fan on facebook

Free Sample of Lacoste Cologne

Free Sample of Nautica Oceans cologne

Free Sample of Lacoste Pink perfume

Link to print coupon for a free Sephora Bronzer or Lipgloss at JC Penney


Sunday, December 20, 2009


3M Command Strips $1(exp 9/30/09)-
3M Fur Fighter $4-
Advil Cold & Sinus or Allergy & Sinus $1-
Advil PM $2-
Alaway $4-
All $1-
All You Coupons-
Aleve $1-
Aleve-D Sinus and Cold $1-
Alpine Lace-
Angel Soft $0.50- or
Arm & Hammer-
Aveeno Baby $1-
Aveeno Positively Ageless $2-

Balmex $1-
Bagel-fuls $1-
Bar S Hot Dogs-
Bausch & Lomb-
Beano $1-
Bear Naked $1-
Bertolli Oven Baked Meals $1-
Bertolli $2-
BIC Multipurpose Lighter $1-
BirdsEye -
Blink Tears-
Bluebell Ice Cream-
Blue Bunny Ice Cream $1-
Boost Kid Essentials $5-
Boost Kid Essentials BOGO-
Boston Market Frozen Meals $1/3-
Breyer's YoCrunch $.50-
Buitoni $1-
Buitoni Risevera $1-
Burleson's Honey $1-
Butterball Ground Turkey $0.75-

California Pizza BBQ Chicken $1-
Campbell's Cooking Soups $1/2-
Carefree $0.50-
Cascade- or
Cascadian Farms-
Cesar $1-
Cesar Bistro BOGO-
Cetaphil $1-
Cheerios $1-
Children's Throat Cooler $1-
Chobani Chese -
Citracal $1-
Claritin - or
Classico Sauces-
Cold-Eeze $1-
Colgate Brand-
Colgate Advanced Whitening $1-
Colgate Sensitive-
Colgate Visible White-
Colgate Wisp $0.50-
Command Picture Hanging Strips $1 (exp 12/31/09)
Coppertone Nutrashield $5-
Cottonelle -
Country Crock $0.55-
Crest Pro-Health $1-
Crest Spin Brush-
Curel $1-

Dannon Activia $1-
Dawn Hand Renewal $1-
Del Monte Citrus Bowl $1-
Del Monte Fruit Chillers Tubes or Cups $1-
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Cups $1/3-
Del Monte Pineapple $0.50-
Del Monte Super Fruit Cups $1/3-
Degree Clinical Protection-
Degree Men Absolute Protection $1-
Degree Women Clinical Protection $2-
Degree Women Fragrance $1/2-
Degree Women Ultra Clear $1-
Del Monte
Del Monte Pineapple $0.50-
Dentyne BOGO-
Depend -
Dial Complete $0.55-
DreamField's Pasta $1- or

Earth's Best-
Earth's Best Baby Food $1/10 jars-
Earth's Best Sesame Street $1/2-
Edwards Pie $0.75 (exp 10/17/09)-
Enfamil $5-
Ensure $3/2-
Eucerin $1-
Eukanuba $5-
Excedrin Migraine $1-
Excedrin PM $1-

Farm Rich-
Fast Fixin-
Fiber Choice $3-
Fiber One Yogurt $1.50-
Filipo Berio Olive Oil $1-
Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips $1-
Frank's Red Hot $0.50-
Fruit2Day $1-
Fruit Simple Fruit Smoothie $0.55-

Gas-X - $1.50/1
Gerber Clothing and Bedding-
Gerber Food and Nestle Good Start, create a pledge-
Glad Force Flex $1-
Glade BOGO-
Glucerna $1.25-
Gold'n Plump-
Goodnites Sleep Pants $1-
Gortons $1/3-
Green Works Laundry $3-

Halo Dog Food $5-
Hawaiian Tropic -
Healthy Balance Juice-
Healthy Choice $2-
Healthy Choice $1/2-
Hebrew National -
Heinz Homestyle Gravy $1/3-
Heinz Vinegar $0.50-
Hellmans $1/2-
Hellmans- or
Heluva Good Product $0.50-
Hill's Science Diet-
Hill's Science Diet Culinary Creations BOGO-
Honey Bunches of Oats $2-
Horizon Organic-
Hostess 100 Calorie Packs-
Huggies $2-

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $0.75-
Ice Mountain $1/2-
International Delight Coffee Creamer $1-

Jello Gelatin or Pudding $0.60-
Jello $0.50/2-
John Frieda Root Awakening $1-
John Morrel Off the Bone BOGO-
Johnson's Baby
Johnson's Baby Powder $1-
Johnson's Body Care $1-
Jose Ole $1-
Juicy Juice
Just for Men $2-

Kashi Honey Sunshine $1.50-
Keebler Fudge Shoppe $1 & any cookie $0.55-
Kibbles N Bits $2-
Kingsford $2-
Klondike $1-
Knudson Juice $1- or
Kraft Coupons -

La Choy Creations $1-
Land O Lakes-
Lea and Perrins $1-
Lean Cuisine-
Listerine Total Care $2 (Temp Unvailable)-
Litehouse Products $1/2-
Lea Perrins Thick Classic $1-
L'Oreal -{userdata//d+d//navmedia:_blankoverlay:_blankdiagnosticmain:mylorealoffers}
Lubriderm $1- or
Luzianne Southern Iced Tea $0.60-

Malt O' Meal $0.50- or
Marie Callender's Homestyle Creations $1.50-
Mega- Diet-
Midol $2-
Mom's Best Naturals-
Morning Star-
Motrin $1-
Mr. Bubble $0.50-
Mueller's Pasta $0.55-
Musselman's Apple Butter $0.25-

Nabisco 100 cal packs $2/2-
Naked Juice $1-
Naked Juice $2-
Nature-Made SAM-E-
Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters $1.60-
Neosporin $1-
Nestle Abuelita $0.75-
Nestle Drumstick Lil' Drums-
Nestle Tollhouse Morsels morsels, cookie dough, carnation-
Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough $1-
Nestle Taster's Choice-
Nexcare & 3M
Newman's Own-
Northland Juice-
Nuetrogena Wave $2-
Nuetrogena Acne or Cleansing Product $1-

O'Charley's at Home-
Olay (more brands than just Olay)
Old Orchard 64oz Juice $1/2-
Old Orchard Juice Concentrates-
One-A-Day $1-
Opti-Free $1-
Orajel Baby Teething Product $1-
Ore Ida $1/2-
Oreo Mini Cakesters $1-
Organic Valley
Oscar Meyer Lunchables w/ Water $1 (drop a note)-
Over the Moon-

Pedigree Dog Food BOGO- or
Peet's Coffee $2-*GroceryTab*na*special_offers
Perdue Shortcuts $1-
Pert Plus $1-
Pilgrim's Pride-
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $1-
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels $1-
Poise -
Pop Chips $1-
Pop-Tarts $0.25-
Pop-tarts $.55-
Post It-
Pull-Ups $2-
Pup-peroni $1-
Pure & Natural $1-
Purex 3in1 Sheet-
Purina Pro Plan $3-
Purina Yesterday's News Kitty Litter $1.50-

Real California Milk $0.50 (exp 1/31/10)
Rembrandt Whitening Kit $5-
Renu $1-
Reynold's Wrap Foil $0.50
Reynold's Wrap Parchment $0.75-
RiceDream or Soy Dream $0.75-
Rice Select $2 (exp 12/31/09)-
RID $2-
Roman Meal Bread $1-
Ronzoni $1/2-

Scott Products-
Scott's Miracle Grow-
Scrubbing Bubbles $5-
Selecta Tortilla Mix $1-
Selecta Wheat Flour $1-
Sesame Street Bath or Shower Product $0.50-
Seventh Generation
Silk Soymilk $0.75-
Skinny Cow-
SmartOnes -〈=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=SO&p=em0109gag1_1507_1372847&z=&r=&pc=&tcor or
Smart Ones $3/10-
South Beach Living Snack Bars $1-
South Beach Living Products $1-
Special K Cereal $1-
Special K Crackers $1-
Special K Protein Shakes $1-
Spray n Wash-
Stonyfield Farms-
Starbuck's Ice Cream $1-
Stuart Prenatal Vitamins - $5/1
Suave $0.75/2-
Sudafed OM Nasal Spray $2-
Sudafed PE $1-
Sun Chips $1/2 -
Sun Crystals -
Sundown Naturals-
SunnyD $0.55 (auto print)-
Sure $0.75-
Sweet'N Low-

Tastee Choice-
Temptations Cat Treats $1/2-
Tennessee Pride Rolled Sausage $1/2-
The Goodlife Recipe-
The Goodlife Recipe-
Tide Stain Release-
Tide $1.50-
Tone Body Wash $1-
Trail Mix Crunch $2-
Trident $1/2-
True Lemon-
True North $1-
Tylenol (multiple)-
Tylenol Rapid Release $1-
Tylenol Cold $2-
Tyson Skillet Creations $1-

Uncle Ben's $1/2-

V8 V-Fusion-
Vaseline Clinical Therapy - $1.50/1
Veet $2-
Venon Energy Drink BOGO-
Viactiv $0.55 (exp 12/31/10)-
Village Naturals Therapy Product $1-
Viva $0.50-

Welch's Jelly $0.75-
Wet Ones $1-
Whiska's Purrfectly $2-
White Cloud-
Wishbone Dressing $0.75- or


Yobaby Yogurt $1-
Yoplait Delights $1-
Yoplait Kids $1.50-

Zaditor $2-
Zyrtec $2-