Sunday, December 20, 2009


Okay guys so now you see what all I have gotten by clipping coupons and watching the sales. A lot of this stuff was also on CLEARANCE (my fave place to check 1st). Now this does not include all the Christmas gifts I got for thought that would not be a good idea to share with everyone. It may hurt someones feelings. I will just say that I have bought around $1500 worth of gifts and paid around $600. I would have to get all my receipts out to be exact. And also this list doesn't include all the groceries that I have gotten either. My 1st trip I only saved like $45. But now I save on an average of $320...this is no joke...I normally get between $480 and $500 worth of groceries for around $180 to $200. I plan to post some pics of my cabinets, frig, and freezers. I just have to find my converter or get a new one. Any how, I hope this shows you more in depth of why it's so important to just take the time to clip the coupons. Sign up for a few websites to email you reminders. Every night I spend maybe 30-45 minutes reading my emails, printing out the coupons I need, and making lists for my stores. That is a small fee for a big reward in my book. I am going to try to start posting daily, I have just been extremely busy the past few weeks shopping for!

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